January 28, 2012

The Bit Beacon Weekly Transmission 1.22.12 - 1.28.12

Much has happened over the course of this week. Including the Nintendo Network being confirmed, a new Mario title being announced, new trailers and screenshots, and a limited edition PSVita bundle all became public knowledge. Here we will give you the breakdown of this week's highlights so that you don't have to go surfing the web. Just like last week's transmission, the 'Source' links below each entry will take you to the full articles.

Nintendo Network has been confirmed:

Nintendo network is going to let Wii U and 3DS players to create personalized accounts for multiple users per system. Nintendo is also working on the concept of selling full retail games through the two systems via the Nintendo network. Currently, they are facing the problem of SD storage limitations and squaring away the necessary contracts. There is much more to be read!

Nintendo is considering an upgrade to incorporate NFC technology into the Wii U's controller:

Iwata announces that Nintendo plans for the Wii U controllers to have built-in NFC (Near Field Communication). Such technology could allow the touch-screen to interact with real figurines, toys and game pieces among other possibilities. However, the controller's current touch-screen cannot support NFC. Could a swap in screen technology lead to potential sacrifices in the controller's current features? 

New 2D Mario title announced today for the 3DS:

Along with their announcement of the Nintendo Network mentioned at the beginning of this article, Nintendo also announced and new 2D Mario title that will utilize it.

Sony has announced that there will be a limited edition PlayStation Vita launch bundle:

This Vita 3G/Wi-Fi bundle is to include an 8GB memory card, a 250MB session AT&T DataConnect Pass, and a Playstation Network game which has yet to be revealed.

THQ is hit by a second round of layoffs:

Last week, we mentioned THQ letting go of a large chunk of its employees. This week, the layoffs continue as the company's administration and publishing departments are hit hard due to its decision to stop making games for childhood audiences.

Over 500 new Kid Icarus: Uprising screenshots:

For those of us who are desperately excited about Kid Icarus: Uprising, follow the link below to a treasure trove of brand new screens from the game.
Resident Evil: Revelations received a price drop before launch:

This week, Capcom did its fans a service and dropped the retail price of Resident Evil: Revelations by ten bucks! Originally the game was set to be priced at $49.99 USD because the game was on the more expensive 4GB 3DS Game Card but it will now sell for the normal price point of $39.99 USD. Thanks Capcom!

New Shining Blade screenshots revealed:

The-magicbox.com has posted an entire gallery of new screenshots from Sega's latest for the PSP.

A new Aliens: Colonial Marines Trailer is revealed:

A nice cinematic teaser from Gearbox Software. The game is due to launch in fall since it got delayed yesterday on the account of more development time being needed. It was originally going to be out this spring.


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