September 26, 2023

The Bit Beacon Broadcast - Episode 001: The Transmission Begins

Welcome to the companion blog post for the inaugural episode of the The Bit Beacon Broadcast. With each episode of the podcast we will publish an article containing images and links related to some of the topics discussed on the show with some occasional commentary sprinkled in.

You are probably wondering where you can listen to our podcasts and while we are waiting for a few platforms to post our show we are already available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. You can also copy / paste our RSS link into your favorite podcast player to manually add the show.

We encourage you to listen to the latest episode of the show to get the whole picture of what we discussed but lets take a look at at a few moments from the show that could use some visual aid.

The Last of Us 10th Anniversary Exhibit @ Gallery Nucleus

Event Website

Hideki Kamiya is Leaving Platinum Games



Unity Responds to Developers Concerned About New Fees

Unity Blog Post

Nintendo Direct - September 2023

PlayStation State of Play - September 2023

We will be back in a couple weeks!

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