February 8, 2013

Fire Emblem: Awakening Hi-Res Artbook Scan Gallery

After some issues with delayed shipment to a number of retailers, if you had preordered a copy of Fire Emblem: Awakening at GameStop (and you were quick to the draw at picking it up), you recieved a copy of this fine, twenty page artbook. Due to how limited these were, We've put together a high resolution, color-corrected scan gallery of the entire artbook. The only page not scanned is the inside of the front cover, which is entirely black -- a design included in the background of this page, if you will. Aside from that, everything is here, viewable, downloadable and remarkable. So, if you're one of those unfortunate souls that got cheated out of one of these, fear not, for the Bit Beacon has you covered!


  1. thanks for posting!

  2. I´ve never played "Fire Emblem" saga, and just, today, discovered the demo... I can´t say nothing but: AWESOME. And they were only 15 playing minutes this session!

    So I was searching to buy in my country, Spain, this game, and I saw that there were a special edition that came with the artbook, as well as in America, and I was just like saying "OMGOMGOMGOMG", and jumping, and rolling all over the ground, and... well, let´s just say, I was DYING to buy it xD

    Buuut I didn´t found the game with the artbook to sell =/ Not even 2nd hand =/ And I was SO damn sad... I couldn´t even find the artbook anywhere...

    But this just MADE MY DAY! >w< THANKS A LOT FOR POSTING THE ARTBOOK! *gives a lot of hugs*

    Well, and I was searching for if Chrom and other male characters could fell in love with your character if it´s a boy, and... I read that that can´t happen, so I´m a little sad because of that (I wanted to do a male character for Chrom) xDU But as I said, your post made my day ^^

    Keep the good job for us, unfortunate souls that couldn´t have artbooks and other limited items as card, soundracks, etc x3

    P.D.: but, oh well, if I do it properly, I could just made things like Chrom not ever falling in love, being a GREAT friend of my character, and then it wouldn´t be yaoi but covered shonen-ai instead (?) xD

    P.D.2: ... in Dragon Age you could have a male character in love with another male character *snif* "Fire Emblem" studios should add that (?) xD

  3. Thank you for your amazing comment! It's comments like your that really make this worthwhile and inspire us to go on with the website. You are welcome for the scans! These art books were pretty limited here in the United States too.

    I too am a big fan of Dragon Age but I don't think those kinds of relationships would end up in a Nintendo game anytime soon.

  4. How do you download?

  5. You have done a very important and painstaking work to create these fun characters.

  6. Have you put together a high resolution, color-corrected scan gallery of the entire artbook? I really liked that exclusive idea! Your collection is magnificent!

  7. I liked the heroes you gave to me because they all look very bellicose and unusual.


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