October 4, 2011

Club Nintendo - History of Handheld Systems: Collectible Cards - HQ Scan Gallery

Today we have a special treat for you all. Last week, the newest Club Nintendo reward went online and I immediately ordered it. Being a huge fan of Nintendo handheld systems I could not help myself. Well this morning my reward arrived, and I thought I would scan them all in and post it here on the site for you to check out.

The cards are about the size of a post card so they are not too big. However, they are decently thick and feature completely original and glossy art. They came in a neat little envelope that features even more art but it was too thick to scan in. I noticed that they were missing the Game Boy Light in the collection but I am guessing Nintendo of America overlooked it because it never was released in the Americas.

Anyways, enjoy the scans and click to make them bigger!


  1. Much Appreciated. Although, they are missing the Game Boy Light.

  2. I am wondering if the virtual boy should be here

  3. No problem! The virtual boy is definitely more portable than most consoles at least for its time, but I don't think it can really be called a handheld system.

  4. Thanks! Was hoping to post these on my wall :]