August 4, 2011

The Walking Dead (Game) - Minutes with Robert Kirkman

Just yesterday I heard that Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead comics, was going to be at my local comic book shop doing a signing for is new comic The Infinite. I thought I would bring some of my Walking Dead books and pick up his new comic and get them all signed.

When it was my turn to get my books signed the line got held up, so I had Robert Kirkman at my disposal for a few minutes. I decided I would ask him about The Walking Dead game that he and Telltale Games are working on.

Very little information is known about the game currently so let me list off all the details I got from him:

-An original story, canon to the comic books
-The game is set around the Atlanta area
-Takes place during the time Rick Grimes was unconscious in the hospital
-Follows two all new characters not seen in the comic books yet
-These new characters will cross paths with some of the comic book characters, Glenn was given as an example
-The voices for the recognizable characters will not be provided by any of the TV show actors
-The game will touch on the founding of Woodbury
-Went with Telltale Games because they put an emphasis on telling great stories

The line started moving again and I had to be on my way. It was very cool of Mr. Kirkman to share this info with me. He also told me the first episode of the game should be out in October but also mentioned it might have been pushed further back to winter. So expect to see it by the end of the year hopefully. This is an exciting time for Walking Dead fans to be sure! I'll leave you with the first screenshot of the game.

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